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The "History" of my Creativity

Blog #1 January 29, 2020

As I said in the About page, even as a child I saw myself as an artist. Dressing up in a smock, beret and holding a paint brush in my hand,--that was my idea of being an artist.

I didn’t take art classes in school, but when I was in my early 20’s (oh so very long ago!), I was encouraged to take classes at a local recreation department.

I chose lost wax jewelry making. I loved it, absolutely loved it. From there I went on to take more classes in jewelry making and over the years branched out to explore many other art forms.

Each art form I explored drew me in with the richness of expression possible in that art form. Each art form led me to explore ways of integrating what I learned, and combining media and methods.

Over the years that has been a great source of happiness and joy. Sharing my art with others is sometimes a bit risky as they may not know or appreciate what I’ve tried to accomplish in a piece of art.

But that’s okay. Everyone has their own preferences. What’s most important to me is the journey I went on to create the piece. And if the end results don’t please me, I’ve been known to take it apart and re-purpose it.


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